Democrats keep moving the goalposts in Mueller probe: Now anyone being investigated must be EXONERATED by investigators…or they’re guilty

Guilty until proven innocent is not the cornerstone of our legal system, but rather quite the opposite: In America, you are innocent of any and all charges until proven guilty in a court of law.

Unless, of course, you’re a Democrat afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome and the entire premise of your effort to get rid of a duly elected president has just collapsed before your eyes.

Or, as it happens, a Republican establishment type like Robert Mueller who agrees with the Democrat establishment that Donald Trump does not belong to the ‘club’ and therefore is not entitled to sit in the Oval Office and pretend like he’s the president or something.

As you’ve likely heard, Attorney General William Barr on Thursday released a redacted version of Mueller’s “Russian collusion” report in which the latter officially cleared POTUS Trump of a) being a Manchurian candidate working on behalf of Mother Russia; and b) conspiring with Vlad Putin to “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton (even though former President Obama said theft of an American presidential election by Russia or anyone else is impossible to pull off). In addition, Mueller claimed there was no evidence that POTUS Trump attempted to “obstruct justice” in the Russia probe. 

If all things were equal, these two findings could have been revealed very simply and in a report that was one page, two pages at most; not the 440-plus page novel that Mueller and his team of Democratic donors crafted.

But the objective of the report wasn’t to ‘clear’ Trump, per se, since the “collusion” narrative was fabricated in the first place, and it was obvious no obstruction occurred because Mueller’s probe was allowed to continue to its conclusion.

However, Democrats anxious to make something out of nothing got a gift from Mueller — namely, he wrote in his report that while his team couldn’t find any evidence to charge the president with ‘collusion’ or obstruction, neither could they “exonerate” POTUS from the latter allegation.

In other words, Democrats are now claiming that POTUS Trump must be “guilty” because he wasn’t exonerated. (Related: EXONERATED: No collusion, no obstruction… Trump cleared in bombshell Mueller report, exposing bald-faced LIES of the anti-Trump media.)

The legal standard is not ‘exoneration’ it’s ‘prove me guilty’

As top talker Rush Limbaugh pointed out Thursday, that’s not the legal standard we use in America:

Now on the day the report comes out, that has been forgotten, as though it never happened. And now it is the president obstructed justice. And Mueller has conveniently dropped 10 little bird drops in there for the media to explore and examine. I’ll give you an example. “We can’t conclusively exonerate –” that’s a partial quote. That’s not the standard. People don’t have to prove their innocence in this country. That’s by no means the standard here.

“We cannot exonerate.” That’s not the role of the prosecutor. It’s not the role of any investigator. You can’t exonerate somebody, and they can’t exonerate themselves. That’s why verdicts are guilty and not guilty. Not “not guilty” and innocent. Not “not guilty and exonerated.” There’s no such thing.

Limbaugh noted further that the report essentially says the investigators weren’t able to conclude that there wasn’t any criminal conduct. 

“You’re unable to conclude that no criminal conduct — then what the hell are you writing 400 pages for? You don’t do this to people you’re attempting to prosecute. You find nothing on them and then submit a 400-page report about it? That isn’t done except in this case.”

And the Mueller ‘bird drops’ worked as planned. Democrats are now claiming that after a two-year, multi-pronged effort by Mueller, the Justice Department in general, and at least two congressional committees to find something — anything — on Trump came up empty, the president is still guilty because he wasn’t…exonerated.

That’s ludicrous on its face. But it’s what passes for “justice” in the minds of today’s Trump-deranged Democratic Party.

Imagine how many of them would be in jail right now if our legal standard was, ‘You weren’t found to have done anything wrong but you weren’t cleared, either.’

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