With release of Muller report, the greatest political scandal and media hoax ever has finally unraveled

With Attorney General William Barr’s release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on “collusion” between then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and Mother Russia, in which Mueller cleared the president ‘officially,’ the greatest political and media hoax in the history of our republic officially came crashing down.

And yet, even as it did, the report itself was written in such a way as to still be ‘politically useful’ to Democrats, and that wasn’t by accident.

First, the facts.

— Mueller found that President Trump did not “collude” with Russia because there was never any collusion to begin with; it was a fabricated allegation devised by the Obama administration and Democrat-aligned Deep State operatives in the U.S. intelligence community and Justice Department to undermine Trump and hopefully drive him from office. A newly published paper by a former CIA analyst helps explain how it is possible that something like this could even happen: Political considerations over oaths of office and commitment to serve the legitimate government of the United States.

— This was never an “investigation” in the normal sense of the word. The “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election,” as Mueller’s volume is titled, was really just an extensive effort to find evidence, any evidence, that would support the fabricated allegation, no matter how tenuous or thin it was. 

— Mueller noted that while he couldn’t charge the president with “obstruction of justice” in the probe, neither should the report serve to “exonerate” him. This is Mueller doing his best James Comey interpretation; like FBI directors aren’t supposed to determine what charges “reasonable prosecutors” would or would not pursue in, say, cases involving criminal abuses of classified information, it is not a special counsel’s job to “exonerate” the subjects of investigation. That’s not the legal standard in our country; you’re not ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ Either there was enough evidence to charge the president with obstruction…or there wasn’t. And for the record, no matter what the president might have said to his staff and former AG Jeff Sessions about the probe, it continued. No one was fired. And POTUS himself even provided written answers to Mueller’s questions. 

— The rest is just noise. The facts are thus: There was no collusion because the allegations were false to begin with, and there was no obstruction of justice because the probe continued to its conclusion. (Related: PROOF the “establishment media” was in on “Spygate” plot to overthrow POTUS Trump: DoJ lawyer got bogus “Russia dossier” from Mother Jones reporter.)

Now, who is responsible for this plotting and executing this scheme?

All this said, don’t think for a moment that Democrats and their media cronies won’t try to misconstrue, misrepresent, misreport, and misstate every crumb of information they possibly can ahead of the 2020 general election. That’s because after lying to their voters for two-plus years, they will need to continue living the lie in order to get them to show up at the polls.

We know the garbage media has been in on this from the outset. They have been willing participants in helping to spread the lie daily, and multiple times daily, that Trump is a Manchurian candidate and an agent of the Russian government. 

And yet, this could backfire profoundly on Democrats. 

Already there are calls — from the president, from his staff, from his allies — to find out who is responsible for launching the operation in the first place. Who helped plan it? Who helped carry it out? Who continues to this day executing portions of the original plan? 

“If we’ve learned anything over the past two and half years of RussiaGate, it’s that Democrats will not accept any result short of removing the president from office. No amount of legal exoneration will stop the political witch hunt,” former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova wrote in an op-ed for Fox News. “That’s why we’ve got to start holding the parties behind this outrageous miscarriage of justice accountable.” 

Mark Morgan, who worked at the FBI for more than two decades, which included a three year period as the assistant director to the FBI’s training division, also says: “We need to look at how this started. We need to look at the actions of these top leaders.”

Bring on the counterattack, Mr. President.

Read more about the Deep State’s plot to overthrow President Trump at DeepState.news and Trump.news.

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