Robert Mueller distracted the Left for two years, holding out an imaginary pot of gold that never materialized

Leftists recently discovered what was at the other end of Robert Mueller’s rainbow. There was nothing. There was no pot of political gold to cash in on. There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election, fair and square. The Left’s attempt to overthrow a democratically-elected President failed.

During the Left’s quest for political gold, they abandoned policy and reacted in knee-jerk fashion to everything Trump accomplished or said. As the Mueller rainbow disappears and the sun comes out, Leftists are left rubbing their eyes in disappointment and disbelief.

With the 2020 election coming around, the myriad of Democratic candidates have nothing of sustenance to campaign on, just identity politics. They’ve already proven they are the party of whiners and complainers. They proved they can point their finger and conjure up conspiracies. They made their case that they are the party of impractical delusions, not practical solutions. Robert Mueller was to be their political savior, the one who brought charges against Donald Trump and removed him from office. Robert Mueller was going to be the one who validated the Left’s political wet dreams. The Left put all their hope in this Russia collusion hoax, and now that the verdict is in, their voices only echo of hysteria and dishonesty.

If the Left really cared about collusion and corruption…

The left never cared about collusion or else they would have bemoaned the fact that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-for-play revolving door allowing foreign oligarchs to take advantage of the American government. If the Left cared about collusion, then they would denounce the Clintons for selling uranium to Russia and enriching other countries at the expense of the American people. If the Left cared about the abuse of power, then they would call for an investigation into the illegal spying of the Trump campaign, carried out by the Obama Administration. If the Left cared about election fraud, then they would call for the indictments of the Democratic Party leaders, who rigged the Democratic primary to put Hillary Clinton in command.

As the 2020 election approaches, the Left must swallow their words and face what they have become. Their political gold never materialized. The Robert Mueller investigation empowered President Trump because the whole investigation has reinforced the idea that Trump is the outsider candidate, bucking the status quo. Exonerated, Trump has proven that he was right all along. The Left can only hang their heads low now and charter a new obstructionist path as the upcoming years unfold.

The Left has proven itself to be takers, not makers. They are sore losers with only one plan to win the next election: promise Americans free stuff. From free college for all programs, to universal basic income, to the now defeated New Green Deal, the Left only looks to collect more taxes from everyone and redistribute the money in a Ponzi scheme of socialist plans. As 2020 draws nearer, Democrats will be in a race to see who can offer the voters the most free stuff.

The Left has wasted all their energy targeting Trump for imaginary crimes, while providing no real criticism or debate against the actions he is actually taking. More so, the Russia collusion hoax deflected the Left’s attention from the corruption that exists within their party’s own leadership. Disillusioned by a phony witch hunt, the Left has not positioned itself to appeal to the working class, the families, and rational-thinking individuals. Instead, the Left looks like whiny finger-pointers who don’t care about the country or the people.

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