Just how long did Robert Mueller sit on the fact that the Russia collusion narrative was a HOAX? Long enough for Dems to win the House in 2018

In a column for Fox News on Tuesday, former U.S. district attorney and national security prosecutor Andrew McCarthy asked a question that the American people deserve an answer to: Just how long did former special counsel Robert Mueller know that the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative was a hoax?

Noting that the word collusion became highly “elastic,” having been slung about by Democrats angry about Hillary Clinton’s loss to someone they consider to be no better than a carnival barker, a sideshow, a joke, there was never any substance to it.

In fact, as McCarthy wrote, ‘collusion’ as it began as an allegation involved two separate non-criminal incidents: The infamous “Trump Tower meeting” which lasted only as long as Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner determined that the Russian lawyer meeting with them had no “dirt” on Hillary; and incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s pre-inaugural conversation with a Russian diplomat.

“The only ‘collusion’ prosecutors care about is conspiracy; a criminal agreement to violate a federal penal statute – such as the laws against hacking,” he wrote. “There was never any such evidence. There was just unverified, sensational, hearsay nonsense – the Steele dossier generated by the Clinton campaign.”

So a) Why was Mueller even appointed; and b) Why did it take him so long to ‘figure out’ that there was never any collusion?

Some people believe they have discovered the reason: Robbing the president of power.

Never forget that the real reason Mueller was appointed had nothing to do with “collusion” and everything to do with getting rid of POTUS Trump. As such, it makes perfect sense that Mueller would wait until the most opportune time for the president’s opponents, not for the president, before he released his ‘findings.’ (Related: Kingpins behind “Russiagate” conspiracy theory, James Clapper and John Brennan, both lied to Congress – will they be held criminally liable?)

True Pundit reported, quoting unnamed Justice Department sources, that the significant portion of the investigation was done by August 2018. An insider source claimed, “(Rod) Rosenstein was briefed and it was common gossip and well-known nothing had been pinned on Trump and it was wrapping up.”

Mueller knew for months there was nothing to the collusion allegations, and yet…

That gibes with something former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova revealed in September, that Mueller was privately telling some people that he “was handed a piece of crap” regarding the initial ‘Russian collusion’ allegation against POTUS and his 2016 campaign, The National Sentinel reported.

“This is going to be a bad next 30 days for a bunch of people in the FBI and DoJ under Obama,” diGenova predicted. 

“The Mueller probe is coming to an end with no indictments about collusion whatsoever. There will be one further indictment” regarding a false statement made “to the FBI, but other than that, it’s over, and Mueller has told very close associates he was handed ‘a piece of crap’ on collusion. They knew it from Day One,” he added.

DiGenova’s timing was off some, but there was an additional indictment: Roger Stone, POTUS Trump’s long-time confidant. He wasn’t charged with lying to the FBI, however, he was charged, in part, with lying to Congress.

Still, what diGenova said about Mueller knowing this was a “crap” sandwich from day one is telling given the fact that, as McCarthy notes, there were never any illegalities alleged against the Trump campaign or the president himself. In fact, in an April 2018 interview, diGenova noted that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “created a special counsel where none is authorized by law.”

As for robbing POTUS of power, notice how Mueller waited until after the 2018 midterms, allowing the hoax to become part of the Democrats’ campaign strategy. And it worked, like a charm.

“When Special Counsel Mueller closed his investigation last week, he almost certainly knew for about a year and a half that there was no collusion case. Indeed, the indictments that he did bring appeared to preclude the possibility that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin,” McCarthy wrote. “Yet the investigation continued. 


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