Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom predicts: “Criminals who run Deep State will be exposed” in 2019

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom made some stunning predictions for the coming year that, if true, will cause no small amount of tumult in an America that is becoming increasingly divided by the day.

“I smile every day watching the aftermath of preventing Hillary,” he began, a reference to 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss to POTUS Donald Trump.

Deep State exposed. Fake news exposed. DOJ & FBI exposed,” he continued. “I’m happy you are more informed than ever. 2019 will reveal so much more. Get ready for the next round of leaks. Monumental stuff.”

Dotcom then teased, “This year the criminals who run the Deep State will be exposed. The shareholders profiting from war and chaos. The billionaires who turn democracy into an illusion. They own politicians, judges and all your data. They are the biggest pirates in history. Want to know who they are?” (Related: Kim Dotcom confirms he’s building a Twitter replacement that protects free speech.)

Dotcom has been dropping these kinds of hints for a number of years now, and he’s been extremely accurate. Going back to 2015, he ‘predicted’ the WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton’s emails that were actually revealed during the 2016 election cycle.

Also, he’s made headlines rejecting claims by Democrats, the “mainstream media,” and some establishment Republicans that Clinton’s emails and those of her campaign manager, John Podesta, were the work of Russia. 

In fact, as NewsTarget has reported, Dotcom says that Seth Rich, a former employee for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who was murdered in 2016 in Washington, D.C., was the one responsible for downloading the emails and then getting them to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Mueller wasn’t interested

Also, in February 2018, Dotcom stated boldly that the supposed hack, which triggered special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation, was bogus. “Let me assure you the DNC hack wasn’t even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why. Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied,” he tweeted.

Assange has also said — repeatedly — that Russia was not behind the theft of data (that there was no hack). And while he has not named Rich as the person who gave his organization the stolen DNC data, he has said he’ll provide U.S. investigators with evidence of where it came from in exchange for a pardon.

Dotcom noted further in July that he was “warned” not to turn over the Seth Rich evidence to Mueller by his legal advisers. His statement followed an announcement by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the time that Mueller had indicted 12 Russians and Russian firms for 2016 election meddling.

“Deep State indictment against Russian DNC hackers is so light on evidence that the DOJ should place a Weight Watchers logo on the front page. #ZeroCalories Mueller knows that his PR stunt will never be tested in Court. The ‘Russian Conspirators’ will never see a US Court room,” he wrote on Twitter.

He added: “Deep State activities like this indictment against 12 Russians confirm the advise [sic] of my legal team. Special Counsel Mueller and the DOJ cannot be trusted. My team asked me not to provide my Seth Rich evidence without solid legal protections for me and my family. They were right!”

It’s not clear yet what information Dotcom is referencing or who will release it — him, WikiLeaks, or some other entity. But he is right about a couple of things: Thanks to revelations regarding the Obama administration’s “Spygate” operation against POTUS Trump, Americans are much more familiar now with the D.C. Swamp, the establishment media, and the existence of the Deep State.

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