Investigative reporter John Solomon says DIA has a document that will completely exonerate Michael Flynn — but they won’t release it

Several Washington insiders have long suspected that retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who served for a brief time as POTUS Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, became his administration’s first official “victim” of the Robert Mueller witch hunt.

Just three days after the president was inaugurated, on Jan. 24, 2017, Flynn got a visit from a pair of FBI agents — one of whom was former counterintelligence official Peter Strzok — who he believed were there just to get him spun up on bureau cases that would be relevant to his new role.

As it turned out, the agents were sent by Deep State elements within the FBI including fired Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and, perhaps, Director James Comey himself, along with former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, to set up Flynn in a perjury trap over a previous conversation he had in December 2016 with a Russian diplomat.

Eventually, Flynn was caught up in Mueller’s “witch hunt” and agreed to plead guilty to one count of lying to federal agents. Many speculate he did so out of a desire to keep his son from getting caught up in the special counsel’s probe, but whatever the case, Mueller has since recommended no jail time for Flynn, ostensibly for his cooperation in other cases.

But it could be there is another reason why Mueller wants the court to go easy on the former three-star general.

During an appearance Thursday evening with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, John Solomon, an investigative reporter for The Hill, dropped a bombshell: He said he has been told by various sources that a document exists within the Defense Intelligence Agency that would completely exonerate Flynn, but the agency won’t release it. (Related: BOMBSHELL: Fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe suspected of altering documents to ensnare Michael Flynn.)

A remarkable development

“Let me say this about Mike Flynn. In May 2017 there was a document identified to a small number of people in the United State government. It’s in the possession of the Defense Intelligence Agency. For 18 months there’s been an effort to resist declassifying that document,” he said.

“I know that that document contains extraordinary exculpatory information about General Flynn. I don’t believe the president has ever been told about this document. One lawmaker discovered it but he was thwarted by the Defense Intelligence Agency in his ability to disclose it. I think we all should ask for that declassification. Get that out. It may enlighten the judge,” he added.

Solomon is talking about U.S. District Judge Emmitt Sullivan, who on Wednesday demanded to see the FBI’s 302s — interview summaries — of agents’ ambush interview with Flynn.

There’s more to this, as The National Sentinel reported:

To prove just how incensed the Deep State is about POTUS Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, Flynn used to run the DIA as its director — and yet the agency won’t come to his side during his hour of need like, say, the FBI and DoJ have circled their wagons around truly corrupt officials like James Comey, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and Bruce Ohr, just to name a few.

Solomon’s bombshell is remarkable for a number of reasons. First, obviously, it would seem to prove all along that Flynn has never been guilty of anything. Secondly, it indicates that a member of Congress also has this information but is being prevented — likely because of rules governing classified information — for divulging it. Third, the president has been kept in the dark about it, so far as we know from Solomon’s statement. And fourth, this shows just how deep the corruption within the U.S. justice system and intelligence community really goes. 

“…[A]s the Deep State opens up a new legal front against [POTUS Trump] — investigating his inauguration for any signs of foreign influence or donations (while the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation get another pass) — it is incumbent upon this president to unleash the awesome power of his office if he intends to survive the onslaught,” TNS observed. 

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