It’s time: Trump should declare a national emergency, build the border wall, activate the military police and arrest the deep state traitors

It’s time for President Trump to declare a national emergency. This is the first necessary step in defending America against the domestic enemies and enemy combatants operating within.

Immediately after declaring a national emergency, President Trump must deploy the United States military to build and man the border wall. (Yes, I said “man.”)

It’s time to activate the military police and hand them a list of the deep state traitors who have attempted to carry out a treasonous political coup rooted in illegal government spying under President Obama, the falsification of “evidence” used to deceive the FISA court, witness tampering by Robert Mueller, illegal leaks by James Comey, official corruption by Hillary Clinton, and multiple acts of treason against America approved by Obama and dutifully carried out by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Arrest the deep state traitors, indict them for crimes against America and prosecute them.

Defend America or we lose America.

It’s time to defend America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic

The “journo-terrorists” who continue to try to foment race wars, Antifa violence and border invasions by foreign nationals must be named, arrested and prosecuted. Governors who signed “Sanctuary state” laws must also arrested and tried for aiding and abetting criminal felons. Tech companies (like Google and Facebook) that engaged in a coordinated conspiracy to censor conservative speech and steal the 2018 mid-term elections must be halted, dismantled and criminally prosecuted.

It’s time to release the classified documents that prove Robert Mueller is a criminal operative working for the Clinton cartel. Those documents must be unredacted, and any person in the FBI, DOJ or State Dept. that refuses to cooperate with the full release of these unredacted documents should be immediately arrested by military police and charged with acts of sedition.

America can survive the treachery and treason now being directed against it, but only if those who love this country take decisive action to identify and halt the traitors who are deliberately sabotaging our republic from within. Those traitors exist throughout the deep state, the anti-America news networks, public universities and government regulators.

All the evidence needed to arrest and prosecute these traitors already exists. The exhaustive evidence of a massive deep state criminal conspiracy operating inside the U.S. government has been covered up by Rod Rosenstein, buried by Obama and ignored by Jeff Sessions. Establishment Republican traitors like the late John McCain attempted to aid the deep state in overthrowing the Trump presidency by ferreting false intelligence used to mislead the FISA court. CIA operatives pretending to be journalists — Anderson Cooper, anyone? — helped carry out a public disinformation campaign to mislead the American public and create an utterly false narrative of “Russian collusion” where none existed.

Thousands of operatives throughout government, the intelligence community and the fake news media are guilty of conspiracy to overthrow America’s democracy. Overwhelming evidence already exists to out them and prosecute them. Solomon at The Hill knows everything and can point investigators in the right direction. Dan Bongino, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Alex Jones have been right all along: There is a war being waged against America from within, and it’s time that America activated its own immune system against the traitors.

If no defense is mounted against this insidious treason, America will fall to the likes of Ocasio-Cortez and her communist cohorts who wish to sweep out every last vestige of the Republic and replace it with a radical left-wing authoritarian regime where all constitutional rights are null and void. If we do not identify and arrest the deep state traitors soon, America will likely find itself in a bloody civil war soon after the 2020 election, no matter what the outcome.

Arrest the CEOs of Google and Facebook, then dismantle their entire operations, server by server

It’s time to dismantle the criminally-run tech giants. These evil, anti-America corporate enemies that answer to communist China must be occupied and disassembled, server by server, cubicle by cubicle. Their continued existence poses the greatest threat to the First Amendment that our nation has ever endured. The CEOs of Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple and other pro-censorship tech giants must be arrested and charged with violating the civil rights of hundreds of millions of Americans as part of a coordinated conspiracy to enable nationwide election fraud through selective censorship.

It’s also time to arrest the members of Congress who have willfully violated their oaths of office to “protect and defend the United States Constitution.” Those who have openly and repeatedly violated the Constitution must be forcefully removed from office by military police, charged with sedition and prosecuted under military law. This includes every member of Congress who has voted to disarm the American public and establish a firepower monopoly in the hands of corrupt government (which is exactly what Venezuela’s bureaucrats achieved, right before turning the government against the people).

It’s time that representatives of the People learned to take their oaths of office seriously. Any who ignore those oaths will be prosecuted and removed from power.

Similarly, all corrupt federal judges who have willfully violated the United States Constitution should not merely be removed from power; they should be arrested and charged with violating their own oaths of office, too. America can no longer tolerate a globalist judiciary that claims to hold power over the executive branch of government. “Activist” judges who block border protection or who violate the Second Amendment must be indicted and charged.

To achieve this critical defense of America, President Trump must now declare a national emergency and activate the military police to seek out and arrest the traitors of America, wherever they may be embedded throughout society. Our President needs to know that We the People support this necessary action on his part, as it is the last remaining option to save this Republic from the radical communism takeover by the authoritarian Left. We already tried the ballot box method by electing Trump, but the deep state has worked diligently ever since to override democracy and overthrow the Republic. Now, the people and the President must act decisively to protect the outcome of the 2016 election, restore the First Amendment and halt the deep state traitors who are insidiously destroying America from within in their effort to turn America into another Communist China (complete with total censorship and control over all speech, which is what the dangerous Left demands).

America’s citizens are ready and able to assist in the defense of this great nation

Former military personnel may be reactivated via executive order to assist the military and federal officers in locating, detaining and arresting the enemies of America so that they may face trial for their crimes.

Citizens with concealed carry permits may similarly be “deputized” at the federal level to assist local law enforcement in maintaining law and order in the streets of America by halting the actions of violent left-wing terrorist groups such as Antifa, which must be designated a domestic terrorist organization along with all other radical left-wing groups that openly call for violence and communist revolution. (It’s time for good people with guns to stop bad people who wish to take away those guns.)

Federally-funded universities must purge the communists who now dominate academia. Where professors are using university assets to recruit and indoctrinate anti-American terrorists, those professors must be identified, arrested and prosecuted at the federal level.

It is time for law and order to be restored in America. Border security is an urgent priority to achieve that goal. There shall be no sanctuary for violent criminal felons who also happen to be illegal aliens, and there shall be no place in this nation for governors or mayors who betray their own citizens by pardoning violent criminal aliens in order to shield them from federal deportation. Brown and Cuomo are domestic enemies of America, and they must be removed from power and prosecuted at the highest level.

President Trump must know that the American people support the actions necessary to defend this republic against the communist Left that is already carrying out the systematic destruction of this nation, its culture, its laws, its morality and its history. No longer will America tolerate the destruction of historical statues. No longer will America stand by and do nothing while its borders are overrun, its schools are turned into communist indoctrination centers and its government is infiltrated by anti-America traitors who abuse the power of government to sell out this nation to globalists, communists and info-terrorists.

Join me in speaking out in the defense of America. This Republic must be defended against illegal aliens, domestic terrorists, traitors, deep state operatives, communist infiltrators and anti-American propagandists. The list of enemies is long, but the number of Americans who are ready to take action in defense of this great nation is much larger.

All that is necessary to activate America’s immune system is word from the President. This is why the enemies of this nation will make every attempt to assassinate him before the 2020 election. Should they succeed, there is no option remaining other than a mass citizens’ uprising to seek out and arrest the criminals, restore law and defend America at all costs.

Everything is at stake for the future of our nation. The occupation of America by domestic enemies must be brought to an end. We know who the enemies are, and we know what they’ve done. Now it’s only a matter of our elected Commander in Chief giving the order.

To all who have sworn oaths to protect and defend the United States of America; prepare now to decisively invoke that oath (or plan to lose your country forever).

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