Robert Mueller is a rogue, lawless CRIMINAL who must be stopped, or the rule of law collapses for all Americans

It has now become abundantly evident that Robert Mueller is a rogue, lawless criminal who uses coercion and intimidation tactics to pressure witnesses into lying so that he can weave a fabricated narrative implicating President Trump in the Russia collusion hoax. It’s important to note that Robert Mueller’s intimidation tactics are, themselves, felony crimes that would get any normal lawyer disbarred and possibly indicted.

To save any last shred of integrity for the institution of legal justice, America must criminally indict and prosecute Robert Mueller for his multiple felony crimes, including:

  • Coercive witness tampering
  • A repeated pattern of obstruction of justice
  • Extreme abuse of government power
  • Refusing to recuse himself even when he has extreme, blatant conflicts of interest with prosecution targets and witnesses
  • Withholding exculpatory evidence that would vindicate his intended political targets
  • Aiding in the cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s sale of uranium to Russia-linked companies via the Uranium One scandal

If Robert Mueller is not stopped, the rule of law collapses for all Americans

Robert Mueller’s complete disregard for the rule of law is a danger to the entire nation, yet Leftists gleefully applaud his Gestapo-like tactics because his current targets are their political enemies. Yet in allowing this to continue, Democrats are willfully ripping the rule of law to shreds, destroying any last remaining credibility of the federal government and announcing to the People that there’s no such thing as real “justice” when government political operatives are at work.

When people like Robert Mueller and James Comey can clear Hillary Clinton of a huge list of felony crimes while falsely indicting innocent people for crimes they never committed, the rule of law has been decimated. In its place we now live under tyranny and authoritarianism underscored by selective prosecution and the fabrication of “crimes” against political enemies.

No one is safe from the government’s rogue prosecutions; not even the innocent.

Robert Mueller has weaponized “justice” and used it to coerce witnesses into giving false testimony

Jerome Corsi, who refused to be a puppet to Mueller’s coercion tactics, has now filed a criminal and ethics complaint, alleging that Robert Mueller’s team used bullying tactics to try to force him into giving “false testimony” against the President, reports Fox News.

That’s the entire game plan of the Mueller “investigation,” if you can even call it that: Coerce as many people as possible into going on the record with fabricated statements that help Mueller weave a false narrative which Democrats will use to try to impeach President Trump. Corsi has stated publicly that he would rather spend the rest of his life in prison than lie for Mueller and falsely implicate the president into an obviously fabricated narrative.

Since “legal justice” is dead in America, the People may be granted authority to rise up and defeat the deep state

In analyzing all this, I’m concerned that if Mueller isn’t stopped, his report to Congress will serve as the basis for an attempted impeachment of the President by Democrats. This, in turn, may unleash a swift and aggressive response from patriotic citizens who, in conjunction with authority granted to them by the President, rise up and take the country back from the deep state criminals who are attempting to carry out their political coup. After all, when the government is incapable of rooting out the criminals who run it, that job rests with the People alone.

The deep state is nothing more than a cabal of flesh-and-blood human beings who have abandoned all ethics and honesty in their quest for power. Like any organism made of flesh and blood, they can be arrested, stripped of power, indicted and prosecuted, then locked away to prevent them from continuing to sabotage society. All that is necessary for the restoration of the rule of law in America is that those who violate it are arrested and removed from power.

A careful reading of the U.S. Constitution reveals that the Founding Fathers have already granted permission for the People to rise up against precisely this sort of tyranny, and my analysis of what may yet come tells me I wouldn’t be surprised if thousands of patriots, activated by a national emergency order from Trump himself, carry out a mass citizens’ arrest of Robert Mueller and hundreds of other deep state cronies who deserve nothing less than life behind bars. I’m not calling for it, but it’s no longer a stretch to imagine tens of thousands of federally deputized citizens flooding into Washington D.C., arresting those who have brazenly functioned as enemy combatants against America.

Although I do not condone violence to resolve political differences, an analysis leads me to the reluctant conclusion that such a scenario may, in fact, be the only remaining option for national self-defense against an authoritarian tyranny that now controls the media, the tech giants, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the universities and pop culture. When government prosecutors are no longer functioning within the rule of law and are, instead, working as extremely dishonest political operatives who seek to destroy their political enemies at any cost, the question emerges all by itself: By what mechanism can the rule of law be restored in a nation where those who are granted authority to wield the law have become lawless?

The deep state must be stopped. The question remains: Will President Trump give the order to stop them? Or will he allow them to destroy his legacy, his presidency and rule of law for the entire nation as well? Is there also a possibility that the People may rise up and defeat the deep state even without an order from the President? History will tell the tale, but if the deep state is not stopped now, America will cease to exist as a viable nation for much longer. And I strongly suspect that a vote by House Democrats to impeach the President may be the last straw for millions of patriotic Americans.

By the Spring of 2019, America may find itself in a full-blown civil war. Come to think of it, France may be in a civil war before Christmas.

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