Judicial Watch says new evidence exposes “shady deal” offered between FBI, State Department to protect Hillary from email scandal

If it weren’t for the diligence of Tom Fitton and the government watchdog organization he leads, Judicial Watch, Americans wouldn’t know nearly as much about the Deep State’s efforts to protect Hillary Clinton, arguably the most corrupt person to ever run for the White House.

According to a report by One America News, Fitton and JW have discovered new evidence indicating that a lawyer for Clinton pressured the FBI after it reopened an investigation into her criminal mishandling of classified emails just a few days before the 2016 election which she would go on to lose.

In an interview with the network, Fitton said the evidence is contained within FBI emails as part of a larger batch of communications his organization had been attempting to obtain via Freedom of Information Act requests. 

Specifically, the former top FBI lawyer, James Baker, was in communication with Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, after the latter called the bureau and demanded to speak with him about the renewed probe. 

Then-FBI Director James Comey had sent a letter notifying Congress of the renewed probe after FBI agents discovered additional classified emails on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, who was married, at the time, to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Weiner was under investigation by federal agents for a separate matter — inappropriate communications with a minor female — when the new Clinton emails were discovered.

“Kendall was complaining, obviously, about the disclosure to Congress and had certain requests,” though “we don’t know what those requests are” because much of the information has been redacted,” Fitton said.

“Everyone thought, at the time, that Mrs. Clinton was going to be the next president,” Fitton said, adding that Kendall “barked at the FBI and they jumped.”

Specifically, Baker, Comey, then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page, then-FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, and others were “all jumping” after Kendall contacted the bureau, the JW chief added.

‘The more classified documents found on her email server, the worse it made Clinton look in terms of guilt

“And sure enough, just shortly before the election, about a week or so later, Mr. Comey sent another letter to Congress after, supposedly, this miraculously fast review” of all the emails on Weiner’s laptop. Comey informed lawmakers he and the others had “decided there was nothing additional that would change their conclusion that Mrs. Clinton should [not] be prosecuted.”

Also, Fitton said, other emails reveal “a shady deal offered between the State Department and the FBI where the State Department would offer up more slots for FBI agents abroad at the various embassies if the FBI pulled back, or declassified or unclassified certain Clinton emails.”

Fitton said that Page recounted that deal in an email, which has also been verified or confirmed in additional communications including FBI incident reports.

“So it suggests that the State Department was seeking to protect itself and Hillary Clinton by trying to get the FBI to ratchet down the classification” of certain emails to make it seem as though they weren’t classified where mishandling them would not be a crime or, at least, a serious one.

He added that “the more classified documents found” on her email server, the worse it made Clinton look in terms of guilt, Fitton added. “So it looks like the State Department was pressuring the FBI, ‘Hey, don’t classify all this, maybe there’s another way we can keep this stuff from becoming public without having them classified,” he said — in exchange for favored State Department slots for FBI agents at posts around the world.

But as we know, Clinton didn’t defeat Donald Trump to become president. And according to testimony Page provided Congress in 2018, Comey supposedly pushed to have her prosecuted under the Espionage Act.

So why didn’t he continue pushing to have her prosecuted after POTUS Trump took office and Jeff Sessions became attorney general? Why hasn’t anyone else done?

The Trump Justice Department is turning out to be just as corrupt as Obama’s. 

Read more about Deep State corruption involving Hillary Clinton at DeepState.news and Clinton.news.

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