Bombshell: New texts support Roger Stone’s claims regarding backchannel to Wikileaks even as Mueller still targeting him

Like everyone else who has ever been associated with Donald Trump before he became president, the past couple of years have not been easy for POTUS confidant and GOP operative Roger Stone.

He, as well as others within the president’s pre-White House orbit, have been targeted by various elements of the Deep State in an effort to not only disenfranchise them from POTUS but also punish them for Trump’s ‘mortal sin’ of beating Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she was obviously the most corrupt nominee in modern history.

In particular, Stone has been targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller as part of his “Russia” investigation. “Prosecutors have questioned numerous Stone associates to find out how the longtime political operative appeared to have advance knowledge that WikiLeaks would release information damaging to the Clinton campaign,” The Daily Caller notes.

Stone, 66, told the House Intelligence Committee, albeit reluctantly, in October 2017 that his backchannel to the Wikileaks release of emails that put the Clinton campaign in a bad light was Randy Credico, a New York talk radio host — though Credico has publicly denied being the source.

In addition, The DC reported, Credico told CNN that his own testimony to Mueller’s grand jury in September 2017 matched his public denials that he was Stone’s source.

Now, however, after looking for months, Stone has finally uncovered evidence in the form of text messages that appear to support his claims while refuting those of Credico.

“Julian Assange has kryptonite on Hillary,” Randy Credico texted to Stone on Aug. 27, 2016, according to messages that Stone provided to The Daily Caller, where he is a men’s fashion contributor.

“You are not going to drag my name into this are you,” Credico wrote on Sept. 29, 2016, in what appeared to indicate he was concerned that Stone might eventually identify him as his source for claims he was making publicly regarding Assange’s and Wikileaks’ plans.

“[B]ig news Wednesday,” Credico texted on Oct. 1, 2016, just a few days before WikiLeaks began releasing emails that were stolen from the account of John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager. “Now pretend u don’t know me.”

Wikileaks began releasing Podesta’s damaging emails on Oct. 7. (Related: Roger Stone: Friend Jerome Corsi being ‘squeezed hard’ by Mueller but he won’t break.)

The proof is in the texts

Reported The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross:

Credico also suggested in the texts that his source for some information about WikiLeaks was one of the group’s lawyers, who he said was one of his “best friends.” Stone has long claimed that the lawyer, Margaret Ratner Kunstler, was a source for Credico.

Using the newly recovered text messages — extracted from a cell phone he stopped using in 2016 — as evidence, Stone said that Credico “lied to the grand jury” if he indeed denied being Stone’s contact to Assange.

“These messages prove that Credico was the source who told me about the significance of the material that Assange announced he had on Hillary. It proves that Randy’s source was a woman lawyer,” Stone told the news site.

Ross reports that it isn’t clear if Mueller and his team have the texts.

As for Mueller, Stone told NewsTarget in a statement, “The text messages released yesterday prove that, as I testified under oath, Randy Credico was the source of both the explosive nature and October release date for the Clinton material that Julian Assange told CNN he had in June of 2016. They also prove that Credico’s repeated claim that he could not have been my source in late July because he did not meet and interview the Wikileaks publisher until late August is irrelevant as Credico says the source of his tip is a Wikileaks lawyer who is ‘one of my closest friends.'”

“The text[s] also show that when the Assange held a Press event on October 2 but did not release any material, Credico urged me to be patient as the material would be released shortly and it was. In all fairness POLITICO had reported, ‘Assange said the organization would publish documents on various subjects every week for the next 10 weeks, and vowed that the U.S. election-related documents would all come out before Election Day.’

“If Credico testified contrary to any of this he committed perjury. Additionally it debunks the absurd claim that I sought to intimidate Credico to lie,” he told NewsTarget.

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