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No matter how much evidence is put before them to show that President Trump at no point in time “colluded” with the Russians to “steal” the 2016 presidential election, those with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) won’t be satisfied until he’s indicted or forced to resign for … something.

This is the impression you’ll be left with upon watching #NeverTrumper Neil Cavuto from Fox News argue with Gregg Jarrett, author of the new book The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump, during a recent segment of Cavuto’s Coast to Coast show.

In the below video clip, watch as Cavuto tries to badger Jarrett into agreeing with him that Trump must have done something wrong here because that’s what the majority of American news outlets are claiming. Jarrett sticks to his guns, pointing to the plethora of information in his book that proves otherwise – something that Cavuto does acknowledge several times during the interview while admitting that Jarrett’s book is “awesome.”

“This is a riveting read on what’s happening now in real time,” Cavuto admits, despite disagreeing with the book’s conclusion that the Russia conspiracy theory is just that: a hoax and a witch hunt.

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Jarrett: it’s not a crime to have meetings with Russians or lie to the media

Cavuto tries to claim that “it’s not all a hoax,” and that Trump has engaged in some questionable behavior that suggests Russian collusion. But Jarrett disagrees, explaining that there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest malfeasance.

“There’s nothing illegal about meeting with a Russian,” Jarrett explains, referring to the Trump Tower meeting. It’s not a crime to meet with a Russian … and it’s not a violation of the Federal Campaign Election Act which specifically states that foreign nationals may participate in American campaigns.

It’s similarly not a crime to lie to the media, Jarrett explains, responding to accusations by Cavuto that Trump knew about certain things that he’s publicly stated to certain media outlets that he didn’t know about.

Unless the president is under oath at the time, the things he says cannot incriminate him in a legal sense – otherwise “every politician in Washington would be behind bars,” Jarrett emphasizes.

As Trump tries to repair relations with Russia, the leftist media is tearing our own country to shreds

Keep in mind that even if collusion did occur, it’s not actually illegal, as Jarrett explains in his book. At the same time, leading politicians, both Democrat and Republican, are in agreement that, based on the evidence, no collusion actually occurred.

Meanwhile, Trump is actually trying to improve relations with Russia, which the mainstream media is also critical of – much to the shock of Jarrett who’s dumbfounded as to what liberals expect him to do at this point.

“I think [Trump] is trying to … improve relations” with Russia, Jarrett explains. “How can you argue with that? They’re a nuclear power, and they’re certainly a strategic adversary of ours. Why wouldn’t Americans want better relations with them?”

“Meanwhile, the leftist anti-Trump media continues to beat the Russian collusion drum, which is dividing the country to such a degree that many are now talking about the next civil war occurring in the very near future.

“There have been five investigative committees looking into this. They have interviewed 175-plus witnesses. They’ve reviewed a half a million documents. They have yet to find any evidence,” says Jarrett.

“What I worry about is a guy like Robert Mueller, who has compromised the integrity of his own investigation by selecting a team of partisans, and he himself should have been conflicted out. And I write about it in the book: multiple conflicts of interest.”

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